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Any dispute of the authenticity, age, condition, or authorship of an item, after the sale, must be made within 14 days of the auction sale date. Written and signed testimony in dispute must be presented within 14 days of the sale date from at least one recognized expert of the artist or object in question. Judgment by an expert based on images is not acceptable. Negative judgement must be absolute, not "possibly", before there is any rescinding of the sale of a disputed item. Disputed item must be returned in the original condition that it was sold in, within 21 days of the sale date. Any damage or alteration, shipping damage, cleaning, however minor, will disqualify an item for a refund. The agreement to rescind the sale is at the sole discretion of New England Auctions. If agreement is made, New England Auctions will refund the buyer an amount of the purchase price plus sales tax, if applicable. New England Auctions will not reimburse for any shipping costs associated with the return of the said item. By bidding with New England Auctions the bidder agrees to these terms regarding returns.

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